Hyper personalized cold messages

Increase response rate with hyper-personalized cold messages

Use hundreds of insights to build an impactful sales pitch and improve deal conversions. Showing how your product or service can make your prospect’s life better just got a lot easier.

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Master cold messages with TheirStack

Be the first one
Try to get a message out the moment you notice intent (new job posting to tackle an use case your software solves). Even something simple while the intent is high is better than sending the perfect message tomorrow. By tomorrow, there’s a good chance that your potential buyer is thinking about a new problem in the business
Understand what your prospect cares about
TheirStack makes it easy to do lots of account research in under five minutes. Your primary goal is to figure out what each person cares about. You can deep dive on the technologies they are using, open job positions, biggest pain points...
Be genuinely helpful
After you’ve figured out what they care about, figure out how you can be genuinely helpful to them. If you’re looking at an end user, figure out where they are stuck and offer a nudge. If you see an executive buyer checking out a broader resource, use that to tell them about an ROI story that might be interesting. Simple messages that (1) come at a moment of high intent and (2) are genuinely helpful perform much better than long sequences.