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Posting a job is the strongest signal that a company has a pain. Job posting have tons of relevant information that we use to find your ideal customer.

El agregador de bolsas de trabajo más grande

Estructuramos miles de millones de piezas de información para que no tengas que hacerlo.

publicaciones de empleo
50 millones
empresas rastreadas
5 millones
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Flujo de datos

Cómo funciona?

To guarantee the highest possible quality of data, we follow this process:

1. Content adquisition.
We crawl different data sources every day such us job boards and company websites.
2. Information extraction.
Different entities (organisations, people, technology, tasks, etc.) and their interactions are extracted via proprietary models.
3. Entity Resolution.
Organization entities are linked to unique domain names for further enrichment.
4. Normalize & Deduplicate.
Entities are normalized with a set of rule-based approaches and then sent to the deduplication system.
5. Quality Assurance.
Multiple data analysts monitor and verify data on a daily basis to ensure the data is of highest quality.
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Top job posting data sources

Our job posting API integrates with the top job posting data sources to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date job postings data.

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