Microverse uses TheirStack to find companies hiring junior engineers

Learn how Microverse find companies hiring junior engineers

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TheirStack is definitely useful and has been driving job searcher engagement.

Kelvin Ong
Chief of Staff at Microverse

About Microverse

Microverse is an online school for remote software developers where you pay nothing until you land a life-changing job — no matter where you live. Students learn through pair programming and collaboration, which not only provides them with a support network but also helps them develop the skills necessary to join a global company.

Throughout the program, students work on real projects with other students, as if they were part of a distributed team in a real company. And Microverse also helps students improve their portfolio, resume, and online presence and prepares them for job interviews.

No jobs for Microverse students, no money

Microverse operates on a revenue share model, which means that they only start making money once their students get hired. This model makes tech education accessible to people who may not have been able to afford it otherwise. But if students don’t get hired, Microverse doesn’t make money, which puts the business at risk.

From mid-2022, the percentage of graduated students that would find jobs dropped by 50%. One of the reasons for this was the increase in hiring freezes that many companies implemented around this time. Another reason was that some students were struggling to find available job openings tailored to their skills.

TheirStack to find jobs for Microverse graduates

TheirStack scrapes millions of jobs per month from all over the World. Our customers can access and filter our jobs database via API or in a visual way. These were some of the filters Microverse used to find jobs tailored to their students

  • By technologies. Microverse students learn JavaScript, React, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails, and they added those technologies as a filter to get only jobs that mention those.
  • By job title. They included frontend, backend, full-stack, and data jobs and excluded marketing and sales jobs.
  • By seniority. To only get junior jobs or jobs with less than 2 years of experience.
  • By location. To help students find jobs in their local market, and also remote jobs from global companies that pay much higher rates than local companies.

We developed an automated script that would search for those jobs every day in our database and insert the data into an Airtable table. Then, staff from the Microverse team would select the best jobs from those already pre-filtered jobs and insert them into a branded Job Portal hosted on Huntr, that the Microverse students could check on a daily bases.


By using TheirStack, Microverse has been able to find more jobs for its students and help them be more efficient in their job searches. With TheirStack's global database of remote jobs, Microverse has been able to increase the number of jobs available to its students and helping them to get more interviews and ultimately helping Microverse accomplish its mission.