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Find customers ready to buy your product

Use job postings to uncover ready-to-buy companies through analysis of 50 million jobs from over 195 countries.

Talent signals

Instant Alerts for New Job Openings

Set up alerts for specific job titles, keywords, technologies, salary, hiring volumes, locations, industries... and be the first to know about new job openings. Automatically exclude recruiting and consulting firms. Search across major global job boards simultaneously.

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Technographic signals

Find companies by the technology they use

Discover companies using any of our 6,000 technologies, including programming languages, databases, tools, SaaS, CRMs, and ERPs. Our comprehensive tracking allows you to pinpoint organizations by their tech stack, offering a strategic edge in market analysis and outreach.

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Buying intent signals

Identify companies with problems your software solves

Define keywords linked with your key use cases and filter by them in 34M of job postings. It could be task your software automates (invoice management, expenses report, payroll...) or tasks your software helps with: A/B testing, outbound, paid adquisition...

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As reported by our customers

decrease in research time
increase in response rate
more meetings booked
increase in win rates

TheirStack let us optimize our lead qualification process to increase sales, enriching our leads with tech stack data that we couldn’t find anywhere else.

Jasper Flour profile photo
Jasper Flour
Growth at Stacker

Theirstack's data revolutionized our targeting, replacing ambiguity with laser-guided precision. With detailed, real-time insights, our engagement and conversion rates grew by two-digit numbers. It's a game-changer!

Denis Shershnev profile photo
Denis Shershnev
CEO and Founder at 6nomads

TheirStack allowed us to find companies with the pains our product solves, identify who the ICPs were and write highly personalized emails to reach them.

Andrés Lozano profile photo
Andrés Lozano
Head of Sales at Graphext

Why people use us?

Game-changing targeting criterias

TheirStack offers the smartest filters to help discover the right companies for your product.

Technology usage

Discover or filter by +5.3k technologies used by companies.

  • Programming languages
  • Frontend and Backend technologies
  • Databases
  • Tools, saas platforms and services
  • CRM, CMS, ERP...
Pains and intents

Define keywords linked with your key use cases and filter by them in 34M of job postings.

  • Tasks your software automates: invoice management, expenses report, payroll...
  • Tasks your software helps with: A/B testing, outbound, paid adquisition...
Talent insights

Discover or filter by companies that are hiring for specific positions or have a high employee count growth.

  • Open positions and job titles
  • Employee count growth
  • Hiring manager role
  • Salary range
  • Perks and benefits: remote, gym membership, health insurance...
Company details

Discover or filter on general company information

  • Industry and speciality
  • Company description
  • Company size
  • Location
  • Revenue
  • Funding rounds

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