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How recruiting professionals use TheirStack

Lead generation

Create opportunities based on job postings

Apply our unique set of buying signals filters to refine your search and discover leads that are aligned with your growth strategy.

Talent insights:
Open positions and job titles, hiring manager, salary ranges, etc.
Programming languages, databases, CRMs, ERPs,SaaS platforms…
Pains and intents:
Tasks your software automates or helps with.
Company information:
Industry, size, location, funding, revenue, etc.
Product screenshot

Hyper personalized cold messages

Increase response rates with hyper personalization

Use hundreds of insights to build an impactful sales pitch and improve deal conversions. Showing how your product or service can make your prospect’s life better just got a lot easier.

New email
Hi {{ FIRST_NAME }}! I notice you at {{ COMPANY }} are using {{ PRODUCT_X }} for your {{ USE CASE }} requerirements. I would love to step in and show you how our platform, {{ PRODUCT_Y }}, that does everything {{ PRODUCT_X }} and for more lower price. In fact, it also has powerful integrations with {{ SOFTWARE_A }} and {{ SOFTWARE_B }} that your team is alredy using it and will take your team's productivity to the next level. Best {{ SENDER_NAME }}

As reported by our customers

decrease in research time
increase in response rate
more meetings booked
increase in win rates

TheirStack let us optimize our lead qualification process to increase sales, enriching our leads with tech stack data that we couldn’t find anywhere else.

Jasper Flour profile photo
Jasper Flour
Growth at Stacker

Theirstack's data revolutionized our targeting, replacing ambiguity with laser-guided precision. With detailed, real-time insights, our engagement and conversion rates grew by two-digit numbers. It's a game-changer!

Denis Shershnev profile photo
Denis Shershnev
CEO and Founder at 6nomads

TheirStack allowed us to find companies with the pains our product solves, identify who the ICPs were and write highly personalized emails to reach them.

Andrés Lozano profile photo
Andrés Lozano
Head of Sales at Graphext