Qonto uses TheirStack to detect companies with high intents

Discover how Qonto collaborates with TheirStack to identify highly prospective companies that are actively recruiting to address challenges like expense reporting and bank reconciliation, which Qonto's solutions can adeptly resolve.

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Qonto is a financial management SaaS platform

Qonto is a SaaS product that let companies organize multiple aspects of their finance in one place. They issue cards, provide a place to centralize invoices, manage expenses, and do bookkeeping and accounting in a modern way, without having data scattered over multiple platforms.

These are some of the use cases where Qonto excels at:

The challenge: Qonto's International Strategy

The largest market for Qonto was France. The skilled sales staff at Qonto has already started using company intent providers to identify businesses who were probably searching for solutions comparable to what Qonto provided.

As the company’s expansion into Spain and Italy accelerated, the need for a global company intelligence provider became crucial. TheirStack, offering comprehensive data on companies across more than 100 countries, emerged as the ideal resource to support Qonto's international market ambitions.

The solution: Harnessing Intent-Based Leads from Job Postings

Marketing and sales teams would perform far better if they could identify the issues that businesses are facing and identify those that your product or service can address. This would allow them to concentrate their efforts on accounts that are most likely to become customers.

TheirStack harnesses the power of job postings to extract valuable insights such as mentioned technologies. This allows customers to search through a rich database of job listings, providing a clear signal of the significant challenges companies face and are actively seeking to invest in solving.

Strategic Lead Generation

In order to identify companies with a strong intention, we pursued the following paths to generate qualified intent-based leads to the SDR pipeline:

  • Companies mentioning pains related to Qonto's key use cases. Companies that highlighted issues in tasks such as "invoice management," "expense reporting," and "bank account management" within their job listings were prime targets for outreach. These mentions signaled an opportunity to introduce them to Qonto, demonstrating how these tasks could be efficiently managed in mere seconds with Qonto's platform.

  • Companies seeking candidates for finance and accounting-related positions. For roles like "Accounting director," "Head of treasury," "Cash manager," or "Financial planning", Qonto is revolutionary. Every new accounting job posting presented a chance to automate processes or avoid hiring more people

  • Companies using partners or technologies that Qonto integrates with. Qonto offers robust integrations with leading software in accounting (e.g., Acasi, Fizen, Indy), payments (Holded, Stripe, Zettle, Prestashop), and productivity (Make, Zapier, Slack). Businesses using these applications will get more out of using Qonto, increasing the likelihood that they will become clients.

  • Companies using competitors (such as Pleo): If you are familiar with your client's stack, it will be simpler to show them your strengths.

Get leads from TheirStack

They designed searches within TheirStack for the various paths outlined below. The searches incorporated a comprehensive list of job titles across multiple languages, along with specific keywords and patterns identified within job descriptions.

Each search yielded qualified prospects, resulting in higher conversion rates, improved win rates, larger deals, and increased revenue.

Which teams gained from the partnership between Qonto and TheirStack?

  • Lead generation team. Find highly qualified Accounts for outbound prospecting and benefit from valuable information about an Account
  • Outbound sales team: Prioritize the Account in the pipeline and use real time information for conversions
  • Market analysis team: Check how our competitors are doing in the market and see market shares & technology trends