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Find companies by technology stack

In this guide you'll learn how to generate a report of companies using a technology or group of technologies.

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Finding companies ready to buy your product is one of the biggest challenges sales teams face. Often your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is strongly linked to a technology or group of technologies.

TheirStack is a sales tool designed to discover purchase intent signals through job postings. It helps SaaS companies, recruiting agencies and consulting firms to find their next customer by analyzing 40+ million job listings across 100+ countries.

Get a list of companies by the technology they use

Go to your app and click on "New search"

Select "Technologies and Intents Database"

Step 2. Filter companies by technology

On the Company Technology filter, start typing a technology and select one or more.

add more filters like Company Country, Industry, Company Employees...

Here is what each one of the columns shows:

  • Category: each technology belongs to a category. One category groups more than one technology, typically
  • Jobs: the number of jobs where each company has mentioned each technology
  • Ocurrence within category: shows how common one technology is compared to other technologies in the same category, for each company
  • Theirstack Score: a metric that combines jobs and relative occurrance within category. The idea is that the more jobs a company has mentioning a technology, and the more one technology is mentioned VS similar ones in the same category, the more likely is that the company uses this technology.
  • Rank within category:  if a company mentions 3 technologies of a category in their jobs, the most frequent one will have rank 1, and the least frequent one in their jobs rank 3

Besides these, there are other columns whose names are self-explanatory: Company size, Company Industry, Company Country and more

Step 3. Seeing the sources of our data

By clicking on the number of jobs found mentioning that technology, you will be able to check the job postings were this technology was mentioned

Finding leads from those companies

You can also find people from the companies you got in 1 click with Linkedin or Apollo.

Do it by clicking on any of the buttons that pop up when you click on the Search for people from these companies on…, above the main table