Finding contact details with our Apollo integration


While TheirStack doesn’t have contact data, other tools like Apollo are great at this, and we provide seamless integration with them where in 1 click you can search for people from the companies returned by TheirStack searches

Creating an account

To make use of our integration with Apollo, you need to create an account with them too. To do so, sign up here.

If you’re searching for jobs with TheirStack, like described here, with 1 click you can look for people from those companies on Apollo. Here’s how:

Step by step

First, do a job search. In this case, looking for data engineering jobs, for example.

You’ll see a “Find people” button. You’ll see that a dropdown list appears, to search for people on different platforms.

Click on On Apollo and a new tab will open in your browser with the companies field pre-filled with the companies returned by TheirStack in the previous step

Then, add the job title of the people in those companies you want to reach out to. For example, CTOs, in the Job Title section:

Finally, select all the contacts you want, and then click on Save to get their contact data.

When you do that, a popup like this will appear where you can choose what to do with those contacts: get their phone numbers, export them as CSV, add them to a sequence on Apollo, etc…

Check out this guide from Apollo itself on how to export contacts in their platform.

Frequently asked questions

Why isn't a particular company automatically selected in Apollo?

In certain cases, a company may not be preselected in Apollo because we lack its unique Apollo ID. This identifier is crucial for unambiguously recognizing the company within the Apollo system. If you encounter this issue, a practical solution is to search for companies using their domain name. This approach helps in identifying and selecting the company in the absence of an Apollo ID.

Step by step

  • Copy all company domains

  • Past them in in the section “Include / exclude list of companies”