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Find and qualify leads based on their tech stack. With technographic data, you can approach potential clients with a meaningful pitch that addresses the challenges they face with their existing technology stack.


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The largest technographic source

Discover companies using any of our 6,000 technologies, including programming languages, databases, tools, SaaS, CRMs, and ERPs. Our comprehensive tracking allows you to pinpoint organizations by their tech stack, offering a strategic edge in market analysis and outreach.

Leveraging job postings as a primary source, we meticulously track and reveal the internal tools that power companies globally, offering an unmatched depth of technographic intelligence.

The most reliable technology usage source

Assured Accuracy.
For each technology identified, we assign a confidence rating reflecting its data precision. This rating incorporates variables such as the frequency of technology mentions in job listings, the recency of these mentions, the diversity of its usage across companies, and its prevalence within specific categories.
Transparency and Validation.
Gain direct access to our data sources. We facilitate verification by linking directly to the job postings that reference the technology, alongside details about the posting company and the date. This ensures you can trust and validate the data's accuracy.
Always Up-to-Date.
Our platform is refreshed every 24 hours, guaranteeing that you have access to the most current data available. Stay ahead with real-time updates and insights.
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Easy technology lookup platform

Advanced filtering.
Easily find and filter technology data by confidence level and category, and access key company attributes such as headquarters location, number of employees, industry, and website, all through a straightforward and user-focused interface.
Seamless Data Sync with Your Favorite Tools.
Directly integrate our technology data into popular CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and extend your sales intelligence seamlessly with, ContactOut, and LinkedIn for a unified working environment.
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Frequently asked questions

TheirStack let us optimize our lead qualification process to increase sales, enriching our leads with tech stack data that we couldn’t find anywhere else.

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Jasper Flour
Growth at Stacker

Theirstack's data revolutionized our targeting, replacing ambiguity with laser-guided precision. With detailed, real-time insights, our engagement and conversion rates grew by two-digit numbers. It's a game-changer!

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Denis Shershnev
CEO and Founder at 6nomads

TheirStack allowed us to find companies with the pains our product solves, identify who the ICPs were and write highly personalized emails to reach them.

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Andrés Lozano
Head of Sales at Graphext

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