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Posting a job is the strongest signal that a company has a pain. We let you make searches on millions of jobs so that you can identify that companies that need you the most.

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These are some of the use cases TheirStack enables

Company profiling

Find out what technologies companies are built with.

Lead Generation

Create lists of prospects based on the technologies they use.

Market research

Compare market shares and see technology trends.

Hiring intelligence

Know what problems companies have and what roles they're hiring.

Competitor analysis

Discover who is using competitor's products.

Data enrichment

Technology, company and people contact data.


Have full access to our real-time tech stack API

UI access

We also provide access to a UI so that you don't have to use the API.

Technology alerts

Monitor company tech stack changes.

Why TheirStack?

We analyze millions of jobs to identify what technologies companies (not just websites) use.
Other tools only look at the frontend and the content of websites.
Our approach lets us know about technologies that couldn't be detected otherwise.
Additionally, you can also search for companies mentioning certain keywords in their jobs.

Here you can see a breakdown on how good we are VS our competitors at identifying companies using certain technologies:

Technologies Theirstack Apollo Builtwith Wappalyzer Techtracker
Project management (Asana, Jira...) ✅ - partially
Website Analytics tools (Google Analytics...) ✅**
CDPs (Segment...) ✅**
E-commerce & payments (Shopify, Magento, Stripe, Paypal...) ✅** ✅ - partially
Auth providers ✅** ✅ - partially
CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot...) ❌* ❌* ❌* ✅ - partially
Data Warehouses (Snowflake, Redshift...)
Databases (Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB...)
Other data tools (Fivetran, DBT, Kafka...)

*: they look for keywords in websites. This produces many false positives
**: the other tools check also what scripts sites load, we look for keywords in job description. For these categories, we have lots of data and other tools have even more than us.

And this is how our features compare agains our competitors':

Features Theirstack Apollo Builtwith Wappalyzer Techtracker
Technographics data ✅ - partially ✅ - partially ✅ - partially ✅ - partially ✅ - partially
Tech usage trends
Funding data
Firmographics data (#employees, HQ's country...) ✅ - partially
Contacts data
Hiring intent & jobs data ✅ - partially

Is TheirStack right for me?

The answer is yes if your company falls into any of these categories.

B2B SaaS companies

Your SaaS integrates with other products. We can tell you what companies use those products so that you can go sell to them before your competitors do.

Recruiting agencies

You know about the supply side of the talent market. We have a database of millions of jobs, so we know what's demanded. We can help you find companies growing fast that are hiring for certain roles or skills.

Wall Street & Hedge Funds

Want to see the adoption and growth of Salesforce? GitLab? Snowflake? Datadog? By monitoring how many jobs mention these and many other tools across time, we enable this.

Lead generation agencies

You need to find and reach out to thousands of leads every week. If technologies used by their companies is an important criteria, we can help you find those leads.

Development and consulting companies

Do you specialize in a specific technology, or help companies integrate several technologies? We can tell you what companies are looking for people with those skills. Then you could sell your services to them.


Bootcamps are only successful if they can help their students find jobs after graduating. With TheirStack, bootcamps can search for jobs tailored for their students and help them get in the industry for the first time.

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