Our data

Is updated and grows every day. Check out the numbers.

Source of our data

Jobs are the source of our tech stack data. We don't track the frontend of websites, as other companies do. This lets us know things that just can't be known if you only look at the frontend.

Recently, we're scraping more jobs per day than ever -about 2M jobs per month!


Below, you can browse and filter the technologies we track. In addition, you can see:

  • how many companies we know use each one of the
  • how many jobs in total mention each technology
  • how many new companies were found last week using each technology for the first time

In addition to the technologies we track, TheirStack also lets you make searches directly on job descriptions, so if a technology doesn't appear on the following list, you can also find companies using it.

Tracked technologies

See the technologies we track, the total companies we know using each one and the new companies using it in the last week.

Tracked companies growth by technology

Here you can see how the total number of companies we know using each technology has grown over time